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At Digital Inc Monopoly, we pride ourselves on being a team of highly experienced experts who provide all our clients with some of the best marketing solutions. Besides this, we also place emphasis on our people skills so that clients can get the customised online templates they want.

Our team specialises in several efficient services for you like website building, e-mail marketing, retargeting, SEO campaigns, Google advertisements and social media marketing. We use all these mediums to help you reach your target client base and keep them invested in your brand.


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Website Building

Websites can make or break an online business, as a solid website will mean better business branding. Our team of professionals' brainstorm and create visually stunning websites from scratch that will make users want to click on your website and view all your products. Also, our formats are all customised to suit your brand image and outlook.


SEO Campaigns

SEO campaigns are essential in today's digital age as it leads to more visibility on search engines. If you are not on the first page of a search engine, people will not see your site. Our team has good SEO skills that can help bring your business to the top of search engines so people can click on it, leading to conversions.


Google Ads

With Google advertisements, we aim to bring out the creative side of your business. People are likely to retain a video more, and if you want your brand to stay in your client's mind, it needs to be creative and visually appealing. To do this, our creative and efficient staff members sit and create Google advertisements to catch and hold people's attention.


Social media marketing

In today's digital age, everyone is on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, and your business needs to have a good presence on these sites. We work to create a solid online image on these sites for you that is interactive and engaging so that people will want to see what this business is about.


E-mail marketing

Our team targets your clients via personalised e-mails and we make our briefs crisp and exciting enough to hold their attention so that they can keep reading to know more about your brand. We do this to help you get a response and start a conversation online so that you can build a loyal customer base.



If a person has visited your site and then left after browsing a few products, we retarget them with advertisements for the products they already viewed. To do this, our expert IT team traces all the customers who visit the site and engages them with creative advertisements to get them to view your business site once more.


Our Working Process


We sit with the client and discuss what steps to take to grow their business.


Our team gives as well as listens to suggestions about the client's needs.


We then brainstorm ideas and creative solutions for your online branding.


We work on and deliver creative campaigns to give your business good results.


Our Difference

Our professional team walks the talk in high-quality online services that deliver fast results for businesses.

We engage audiences to make them keep coming back to your site to look at new product launches and services so that you have an efficient conversion rate.

We also believe in respecting all our clients' needs so that we can create and build a solid online brand image together. Our proven track record and daily reports will keep your businesses at the top of the online marketing chain.


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