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  • 20 Dec

Expert Digital Marketing Tips: Scheduling Instagram Reels

Since their introduction in 2019, Instagram reels have emerged as the prime medium for engaging users on the platform. Today, reels get 43.5% more engagement than videos. This development also led to Instagram allowing reels to be 90 minutes long. Therefore, if you want to market your business or content most effectively and efficiently, here is your complete guide outlining the advantages of scheduling Instagram reels and how to do it.


Why Use Instagram Reels?

Whether you are a business owner, influencer or anyone interested in using the medium for generating traffic for your business or page, Instagram reels can help you get the most viewership. Thus, if you haven’t started using them, you should look for the following reasons.

More scope for creativity

Since reels are an audio-visual medium, you have more flexibility and scope for creativity. You can keep the theme formal or informal. But, the aim should always be to entertain and educated people, whether it is about a topic, your business or anything else.


Upfront communication

Since reels are short videos of less than 90 seconds, you don’t have time to beat around the bush. Thus, reels are the best for upfront communication. You can get straight to the point and captivate your target audience in a few seconds.


You can post reels anytime from anywhere

Since reels are a form of social media engagement, you don’t have to wait to post them or contact a specific channel. All you need is your business or personal account on Instagram. You can post anytime of the day and from your office or home.


Get instant response

Unlike advertisements in traditional mediums, you can get a response from people immediately upon posting a reel. You can see how they review your product/service/information. It can help you improve your marketing strategies and even come up with better solutions.

How To Schedule Instagram Reels?

If you are ready for high-speed digital marketing, here’s how to schedule Instagram reels like a pro.


  1. Create Your Account

It is a no-brainer but if you don’t have an Instagram account, make one to engage your customers. You can use your Facebook credentials or make a fresh user id and password. If you use a marketing account, avoid using a personal account.


  1. Make the Reel & Download

Explore the app for creating a reel and select the duration according to your message. Start small to make reels easily and gradually increase the length. Once the reel is done, click on the download icon.


  1. Get Creator Studio

Download Creator Studio and upload your reel on it. Click the green box to create a post. Use the option Instagram feed for posting videos under 60 seconds and IG videos for up to 90 seconds.

Add hashtags after uploading the reel, and also put up a caption and location (optional). Choose a cover image from your gallery or one suggested by the app.


  1. Select the Publishing Time

The best time to post a reel is between 9 am to 12 pm on weekdays (Monday to Thursday). Also, post at 9 am on Saturdays and 7 pm on Sundays to get the best traction for your videos. Once the publishing time is decided, input the details on the app and schedule your post.


Other Tools for Publishing Reels

If you want to use any app other than Creator studio, here are some options.

  • Later: A social media management tool with a 14-day free-trail
  • Hootsuite: All-in-one social media tool used by digital marketing agencies. It has a 30-day free- trial.
  • Publer: A versatile tool for social management and more. You can use it for 3 months with limited features for free.

The Bottom Line

Instead of relying on anyone else to schedule your posts, do it yourself and gain traction for your business. Use this guide to schedule reels and other posts as well on Instagram. All you need is a viral moment to come into the spotlight.

Seek Professional Assistance

If digital marketing is beyond your expertise, let APNCP handle it for you. We offer a variety of digital marketing services to established and emerging businesses. We know what to do, and you can benefit from it!

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