Hoverboards Are Coming Back!

We saw the practical implication of hoverboards in Back to the Future and about decades later, we had been able to get our hands on this latest gadget only for it to be taken off the shelves a few months from the release. US marked hoverboards safe after multiple accident reports due to imbalance and battery bursts were filed. Many people pointed out hoverboard feature fails regarding the safety level of these gadgets that have undoubtedly become the most favorite thing to own by youngsters, not necessarily specific to this category but most popular with them.

Combustible hoverboards were deemed unsafe and thus, taken out of the market even though we still see them on the roads but strictly outside US as Swagway hoverboards cannot be sold or used within US anymore. However this did not stop the company in further developing this device into a better and fully safe version as reports have stated the company is ready to make a comeback with higher safety standards following every rule and regulation set by the US legislation.

The newer version has been trademarked SWAGTRON by the company. This new board is not your average hoverboard but a rolling ‘balance’ board with newer techniques being implemented for safety of hoverboard user. Americans might see this device hitting the market quite soon, as far as the company claims.

hoverboards unsafeDespite company claims, it is not going to be an easy task to get this new version of hoverboards approved by CPSC as they were marked highly unsafe just recently in February which led to every retailer in the US pulling it out of the market. Same cannot be said about those devices that made their way out of US as policy applied only within the state.

According to the CPSC report, the first wave of hoverboards did not meet safety standards thus, they were marked defective which also posed a threat to the user. The report was filed after multiple serious cases of combustion were reported.

The primary issue being that of the batteries installed in the device because they were below the standards set by Underwriter Laboratory. The reports could not claim if any standard was used to analyze the safety of these batteries which later on exploded while in use.

Even though Swagway claimed to have the right standards for their hoveroards, they still had to see the fall of these devices. Their claim was somewhat correct since they had the required UL approval for the chargers used for these devices but what they lacked was this certification for the product itself as per recently imposed regulations.

As per newer reports and Swagway CEO, Swagtron has gained UL 2272 certification for both of its models T1 available at an expected $399 price and T3 for $499. The reports have yet to be verified by UL.

The main features of these new models revolve around higher user safety and balancing techniques. We should expect Swagtron to hit US market soon enough if the certification has already been awarded to both the models. Let’s hope to see them soon again!