Cisco Buys IDSL Technology Maker Telesend

Cisco Systems recently entered the Digital Subscriber Line market, delivering a new frame multiplexer based on technology developed by Telesend, which Cisco said it acquired in a stock swap.

Telesend will be folded into Cisco’s wide area network business unit, including Telesend President and Chief Executive Officer Sayuri Sharper and all employees and management. The companies did not divulge the value of the acquisition.

The new Cisco 90i frame multiplexer is designed to help carriers offload Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN, Internet access traffic from their voice networks. Currently in trial with several carriers, with a per-port cost of US$150, the multiplexer will work with Cisco’s AS5200 Universal Access Server, the company said.

On Dec. 9, 1996, Ascend Communications Inc. introduced its own ISDN-DSL, or IDSL, solution as part of its MAX MultiDSL access platform, which also includes multimegabit Symmetric and Asymmetric DSL technologies. Bay Networks is said to be pursuing an acquisition of a Digital Subscriber Line, or xDSL, technology company.

Cisco said its IDSL solution will deliver “the industry’s most cost-effective digital access solution” because the Cisco 90i converts standard telephone company time division multiplexing D4 channel banks into frame multiplexers, “optimizing existing spare capacity and thereby reducing equipment costs.” Cisco said the multiplexer service will be “ideal for small business users, telecommuters and residential Internet access.”