Apple to Bring Echo’s Rival in The Market?

When Apple introduced Siri to its users, competitors took it as a challenge to come up with something equally good if not better. We say that challenge being met out by Google’s Amazon Echo that won the uses approval even amidst fears of redundant features and nothing new to offer. The convenience of usage coupled with a sleek and modern device design, Echo made an irreplaceable entry in the market, well, at least for a short while till Apple comes with a response.

That time has comes and Apple has announced upgrades on Siri that would make it highly useful for its users which will be at par with Amazon Echo if not better.

Developers are expected to see additional software features that will be available for them soon to test out. A report mentions these upgrades will involve Siri having access to multiple third-party services. The changes are not restricted to software upgrades as Apple is planning on designing a device that is expected to give a tough time to Amazon Echo in the market as part of smart home development by Apple.

The World Wide Developer Conference next month might witness Siri SDK being introduced to developers as their new software kit for Siri. This would be an addition to the usual developer tools reviews and iOS previews as is the norm at these conferences.

iphone_siri_reutersSiri SDK software is still a work in progress and it is reported to need an input from the developers to enable Siri access other apps. Third party access is not a new feature for Siri as it has already been working with Yelp and Bing but it had limited access after Apple got it in 2010 with limited access to other apps. Before this, the team behind Siri had designed the tech to work with multiple third-party apps.

Apart from software development, Apple is also investing in speaker design that would allow voice recognition to carry out certain commands like playing music. This update is also said to be a major development in Homekit-enabled devices because Apple’s new device will allow you to control these smart devices like lights, thermostats and locks through voice commands. Developers are expecting to see the device at this year’s conference but there has been no update from Apple regarding formally introducing the speaker at this year’s WWDC which is being held this June. Also, Apple is not known to bring out new hardware devices at these conferences.

Apple’s new device seems quite similar to Amazon Echo as far as the reports coming out about the device but according to some sources, the speaker design and features were put on the table quite before both Echo and Google’s assistance came along.

Regarding Siri, Apple claims to have major plans for its development which includes making it available for Mac as well. Since Apple announced this year’s developer conference through Siri we can safely assume that this WWDC will revolve around Siri. We will find out soon.