APN Net Digital Agency Review: Digital Monopoly Perth WA

digital monopoly perth branded pensBeing the most competitive company in your industry on price or having the highest quality products is certainly a good start but it is not enough to ensure that your business will thrive for many years to come. The only way to guarantee long-term survival and profitability is to create a strong brand image, and the only way to achieve this is through effective marketing techniques.

Every business needs a solid digital marketing strategy that ensures their website remains highly visible, no matter what changes Google may make to its PageRank algorithm. Failure to adapt to changes in the way that sites are ranked can result in companies becoming virtually invisible online, which is something that no commercial entity in the 21st century can afford to let happen.

Creating a visually appealing and informative website is not enough to ensure that you retain your competitive edge online. As many companies have found to their cost, if potential customers cannot find your business online, they will not think twice about dealing with your competitors instead. The most effective way to ensure this does not happen is to partner with a digital marketing agency that has an in-depth knowledge of online promotional techniques and many years of industry experience.

Digital Monopoly: An Agency That Ticks All the Right Boxes

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Build a strong brand presence

A full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Perth and Melbourne, along with a support team in Bangkok, Digital Monopoly provides a comprehensive range of services to companies of all sizes. These services include web design & development, on and offsite SEO and PPC campaigns.

The online world is still evolving at a rapid pace, much faster than industry outsiders realise, which is why you need an experienced team of professionals on your side if you are to stay abreast of the latest developments and ensure that your online presence remains visible to your target audience. An agency that understands the way changes to ranking algorithms and industry guidelines affect your website can help you to stay in the public eye no matter what may happen in the future.

Among the many online marketing specialists that are competing for your custom, Digital Monopoly stands head and shoulders above the rest. By operating in a completely transparent manner, they enable their customers to see exactly what they are doing and how it is affecting search engine rankings, week by week, month by month. This modus operandi is in stark contrast to some digital marketing gurus who draw a veil of secrecy over their techniques and like to keep their customers in the dark.

Something else that helps set Digital Monopoly apart from the crowd is the fact they are one of only a few companies in the region that has attained the status of Google Premier SME partner. This means that when you hire them to promote your online presence, you can look forward to seeing quantifiable results from the campaigns they run on your behalf. Working in close cooperation with their clients, Digital Monopoly ensures that the people they are working for know exactly what they are doing at all times.

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Visually Stunning Websites That Promote a Positive Brand Image

Your website is a virtual shop window, through which potential customers view your business and what it has to offer. If your website is found to be lacking in the areas of design or usability, this could have a negative impact on conversion rates from online advertising campaigns. Your site needs to look good, work flawlessly and be coded in accordance with the latest industry guidelines.

With a team of highly skilled design and development professionals, each member of which has many years of experience in the online arena, Digital Monopoly is equipped to cater to the most demanding of clients and has produced more than a thousand individual websites during the time they have been in business.

digital monopolys brand essence tips and reviewsRanging from sites that are little more than digital brochures, all the way up to complex ecommerce portals with dynamic content and fully functional online stores, Digital Monopoly builds everything from scratch; there are no standard templates to be found in the offices of this marketing specialist. This means that your online presence will be a one-off: a unique digital representation of your company that helps to distinguish it from the competition and drive high-volume traffic to your website.

Tried and Tested Marketing Solutions

Unless potential customers are aware of what you have to offer, they will not buy your products or services, no matter how good they may be. It is for this reason that online marketing is such an essential tool for any company that has ambitions to remain in business for many years to come, and is why even the biggest of global corporations spend huge sums every year to promote themselves to their target audience.

Out of sight, out of mind may be an old proverb but it is also a modern maxim that fits the digital world in which we live perfectly. The easiest way to reach a large audience online is to appear at the top of search engine rankings: if you can manage this for relevant keywords, visitor numbers and sales figures will both be heading in the right direction.

Digital Monopoly has been responsible for a number of high-profile SEO campaigns over the years, all of which have produced the desired results. Their ability to push websites to the first page of Google search results, even for highly competitive keywords and phrases, enables them to work miracles for their clients. Using a winning combination of on-page optimisation and high quality links, Digital Monopoly has enjoyed an incredible run of success, with no signs of slowing down yet.

As a Google Premier SME Partner, you know that every AdWords campaign they create and run for you will adhere to all relevant guidelines and will be fully optimised for your target keywords. The talented marketing professionals on their team will ensure that conversion rates are maximised and will send detailed reports on a regular basis that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A large number of commercial organisations use the digital marketing and web design services of this agency on an ongoing basis, owing to the consistently amazing results that Digital Monopoly are able to produce. If your site is not performing as well as you would like, get in touch with their sales team right now and make an appointment to discuss your requirements. You owe it to yourself and your business to discover why so many firms in Australia remain loyal to Digital Monopoly.